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Legal support when you need it.
There are times with some estates when court intervention and litigation is a necessary step. This may or may not involve a dispute, but regardless, you will need guidance in efficiently navigating through, with sound strategy.

Our E Is For Estate lawyers provide no-nonsense advice at a time when your better judgement may be competing with
 your emotions. We will objectively evaluate your case, review the options, and the inherent risks/benefits, all to enable you
to make informed decisions.

Passing of Accounts

We can assist with Passing of Accounts by representing clients in court proceedings to scrutinize and challenge the financial records of an estate, ensuring transparency and fairness in the administration of the deceased person's assets.

Executor Compensation

Our Estate Litigators can assist with Executor Compensation by navigating legal intricacies, advocating for fair compensation, and resolving disputes, ensuring an equitable resolution for executors in the administration of an estate.

Consent & Capacity

We are here to provide assistance with Consent and Capacity matters by navigating legal complexities, advocating for individuals' decision-making autonomy, and addressing disputes related to mental capacity and consent within the context of estate planning and administration.

Other Estate & Trust Disputes

In cases of other estate or trust disputes, we can provide legal expertise and representation to resolve conflicts related to inheritances, distribution of assets, contested wills, or any contentious issues arising within the broader spectrum of estate and trust matters.

Break of Fiduciary Duty

We can aid in cases involving a breach of fiduciary duty by representing clients in legal proceedings to hold individuals accountable for violating their responsibilities, ensuring the protection of beneficiaries' interests in the context of estate management.

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