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We specialize in efficiently managing and navigating the intricate process of handling a deceased person's assets and liabilities following their passing.


Whether appointed through the individual's will or by the court in the absence of one, we, as the executor or administrator, take on the responsibility of overseeing the entire estate administration process. Our services encompass probate procedures, meticulous asset inventory, strategic debt settlement, and seamless distribution of assets according to the wishes outlined in the will or in compliance with applicable state laws.


With a commitment to transparency, we provide detailed accounting and reporting, ensuring beneficiaries are informed at every step. Entrusting our team with estate administration assures a comprehensive and organized approach, relieving clients of the complexities involved, and facilitating a smooth transition in a challenging time.


Probate Applications

Having an E is for Estate administrator assist with probate applications offers the advantages of expert knowledge in navigating the legal complexities, ensuring timely and accurate submission, and facilitating a smoother and more efficient probate process.

Executor & Trustee Advisory

We are here to advise a trustee or executor, on streamlined administration processes, meticulous financial oversight, and adherence to legal requirements, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient management of the estate in accordance with the deceased's wishes.

Fiduciary Duties & Accounting

Enlisting our team for fiduciary duties and accounting ensures meticulous financial management, adherence to legal obligations, and transparent reporting, providing peace of mind and efficiency in navigating the complexities of estate administration.

Advisory on Tax Compliance

Our team can provide advise ensuring thorough documentation of all financial transactions, collaborating with a tax professional to navigate relevant tax codes, and timely filing required documents to ensure seamless tax compliance throughout the estate administration process.​

What the Administration Process Looks Like


Make funeral arrangements and locate the will.


Let the financial institutions that hold any of the deceased’s assets know.


Probate confirms that a will is valid and protects you against a competing will.


Settle all debts, taxes and liabilities. Then, you can distribute the assets to the deceased’s beneficiaries.

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