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Gain the certainty of knowing your loved ones are taken care of. 

At E is For Estates, we provide comprehensive services that will encompass all of your Estate Planning, Administration and Litigation needs. Our lawyers and team members not only give our clients peace of mind, and the feeling of relief, we also educate so that families leave with a better understanding of their assets and the law. 


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Estate Planning

Every family is different, with its own nuances and complexities. This is especially true in circumstances with extensive family business assets, holdings or corporate structures and functions. 
The key to developing a unique strategy starts with complete understanding of the situation and the expertise to move forward toward your final wishes.

Estate Administration

In the days and weeks following an individual’s passing, reliable and supportive guidance is crucial. It can all be overwhelming to family members, especially those dealing with estate administration for the first time, often while still dealing with their own grief and loss.

At E Is For Estate we offset your emotional stress with our Estate Administration services.

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Estate Litigation

When litigation is necessary, we’ll work with you to pursue negotiated, mediated or court-mandated solutions to issues such as passing of accounts, executor compensation or consent and capacity.
Our lawyers are the best at what they do.


Erin Watson, Lawyer

My team and I understand that walking into our office may feel a bit overwhelming or intimidating. Maybe you're reading this thinking that the work ahead is too much.
Rest assured that every problem has it's solution. With my 15 years of experience in Estate Litigation, I'm sure we can develop a plan the feels good to you.
Learn why I started E is for Estate, and how we've helped hundreds of families plan and execute their final wishes.


"Erin Watson represented my family and I, with the estate of my late husband, throughout that difficult process, Erin and her team were very supportive and helped us right to the end. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Erin and her team to those who might be in a similar situation."

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You've heard the horror stories, let's avoid them altogether.

We don't want another minute to go by with the weight of uncertainty on your shoulders. Let's nip that nagging feeling in the bud, and start the process of developing your personalized estate strategy.  We've seen and heard it all. Rest assured that you don't have to navigate this alone. 

Nothing bad happens when you plan.



After working with our team, feel the pride in crossing something so important off of your to-do list. The relief is worth it.

Friendly, Compassionate Support.

We do our absolute best to have our clients feel comfortable talking to us about such an intimate topic. We also care about accessibility and making sure our meetings are convenient and safe.

High Level Expertise.

Our Estate Team is backed with 15 years of experience and a passion for complete estate planning. No project is too big or too small to bring to the table.

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Request a consultation with our Estate Team. You can easily do so by filling out our contact form. Once you submit, we will reach out to book a meeting at a convenient time and location.


Work with us to develop your plan from start to finish.


Rest assured knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of, your final wishes will be executed, and watch your sleep-at-night factor increase exponentially. 

Looking for answers?

Scroll through the E is for Estate Articles, full of answers to the FAQs we get daily.

Additional Resources

Do you feel like you have questions about Ageism, Ableism, and Unconscious/ Implicit Bias? STEP has provided a guide for assisting persons in vulnerable situations. 


Nothing bad happens when you plan.

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